Welcome to Sopha So Good. My name is Sophie Whitwell, (nicknamed Sopha, Soph, and numerous other names that would make zero sense to most) I’m 22, and here to start my own journey blogging; all written from the comfort of my own Sofa! I have a massive love for performing, fitness, healthy eating, fashion and so much more. So why the blog?
I decided to start this blog as a reaction to an illness I’ve recently been diagnosed with. Unfortunately after having Glandular fever, I now have Severe Chronic Fatigue, meaning everything I naturally want to do as a non-stop gym junkie, is an absolute no go. So here I am, confined to the Sofa, writing to whoever wants to listen!
Sopha x
My Health Journey
So, here’s a little bit more on me…
My one dream and passion has always been to perform, like an all singing, all dancing monkey, with some serious jazz hands! It all started with good toes, naughty toes at baby ballet with my Mum (Thanks Mum). Through my school years I spent every evening changing in the back of the car, eating dinner from a tupperware box and being rushed off to dance and drama classes (again, Thanks Mum). I eventually ended up auditioning at vocational colleges and was successful in gaining a place at Laine Theatre Arts, where I trained for 3 years in Musical Theatre. DREAM! After graduating I made that big scary move to London that everyone talks about, got an agent, auditioned from time to time in the hope of bagging a job, until realizing a back up was probably going to be a little handy ( I know what you’re thinking, I should’ve thought about that before!).
I’ve always had a passion for Fitness and Health, and seemed to be able to workout like a little Duracell bunny. So why not use my love for fitness to teach and inspire others, workout, and get paid, all at once!! I gained my Level 2 Exercise to Music Qualification and then went on to join the Les Mills Tribe teaching Body Pump; whilst also working for Sweaty Betty, and accumulating more gym clothes by the week.
With my busy schedule, I began to feel more and more run down and unusually tired, but just kept plodding along; oh so British. It wasn’t until Mum literally forced me to the doctors that I found out I had glandular fever, resulting in me being signed off from teaching and work and told to rest. Even after what I believed was lots of rest, another Doctors appointment brought me the devastating news that I have developed Severe Chronic Fatigue; an illness that has pretty much forced me to bed, or often in my case, the Sofa. I’m so upset to accept the fact that both my fitness and performing careers are going to have to come to a halt (for the time being!)
So here I am, sitting on my Sofa, kick starting my journey as a blogger. I’m going to use this time to hopefully-
  • Inspire others that may be experiencing something similar.
  • Find new direction in my career/ explore other paths that I wouldn’t normally consider.
  • Share some wonderfully healthy dairy and gluten free recipes.
  • Share some fitness tips and workouts that I’ve learnt along the way (albeit with little demonstration).
  • Track my journey to health.
  • Share moments spent with my loved ones.
  • Let you delve deep into my online browsing/shopping obsession.
  • Stay a little bit more sane whilst being stuck at home!
  • Realise that some of the most important things in life are our health, loved ones and happiness.
Peace x