Welcome to Sopha So Good. My name is Sophie Whitwell, nicknamed Sopha, Soph, and numerous other names that would make zero sense to most but my family.  I’m 22, and here to start my own journey blogging; all written from the comfort of my own Sofa!… UPDATE, I’m 24 (where have those 2 years gone since I started this?), a fitness instructor/PT working at The Louisa Drake Method, living in London who loves all things health, food, fitness and travel, and all the ups and downs in between.

My Health Journey…
I decided to start this blog as a reaction to an illness I was diagnosed with 2 years ago. Unfortunately, after suffering with glandular fever and then in turn, chronic fatigue, everything I naturally wanted to do as a non-stop gym junkie, became an absolute no go.  Silver lining, all the time I had on my hands re-ignited a real passion for writing, creating this wonderful little hub I call, ‘Sopha So Good’.
As an ex dancer and performer, I’ve always had a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle, but after my knock back a few years ago, I’ve decided (for now) to pursue and focus solely on my career within the fitness industry, doing something that makes me happy, has fewer lows and one that allows me to share and inspire others to feel good and be confident. You know what they say, ‘exercise is the best form of therapy’. Now healthy, I too am on my own journey to confidence and pure happiness in my own skin.
Sopha x