Time for a little challenge…

I keep doing this thing where the title for my blog post kind of gives a hint, but equally doesn’t give too much away. That’ll make you want to read it, right?
So, the challenge, aka, The F45 8 week challenge has started – yikes. For anyone who doesn’t know about F45, it’s one of the world’s fasting growing ‘functional training’ networks in the industry, whose designed circuit style workouts in a team training atmosphere. Ok, now without all the juicy words, it’s just a really bloody good workout and it’s seriously popular! A studio opened near me 6 months ago, and with returning from holiday, feeling all the holiday blues, I needed a little bit of group motivation to kick me back into gear/real life (there was only so many times I could reminisce over bikini photos and blue waters till I realised I had to get back to reality!) From then I was addicted. Not only has it been really great to train in a friendly space where everyone is rooting for each other, but personally it has become a real accomplishment and milestone for me to able to train in such an intense way since my illness two years ago. For anyone that doesn’t know, I was diagnosed with glandular fever and chronic fatigue a couple of years back, and since recovering I’ve been really cautious with how far to push and challenge my body incase I send it back to square one. Before a class I’m excited/sometimes half asleep, during a class I often wonder how many more times I can do a burpee before I’m sick, and after I’m left with an immense feeling of achievement, a buzz and power that I missed for so long whilst I was poorly.
One more thing to add about F45 before I tell you of the dreaded challenge… They hold the motto of ‘no workout is ever the same’ which means it’s almost impossible to ever get bored or not feel challenged; plus I feel like anybody who finds it easy must be superhuman. I am really hoping I grow fonder of a burpee though!  The workouts vary the amount of exercise stations, the work/rest ratio and the number of repetitions through the circuit of each day. Just try it out, see if it’s for you!


The challenge
I’m joining the 8 week challenge, from October to December; as are 50 other members from the club, which will focus in on my training, knowledge, and nutrition. My aim is to train 4-5 times a week (the recommended amount by F45), whilst sticking to 3 phases of a nutritional programme throughout the 8 weeks. Why? Because I like something to work towards, I want to try and achieve some goals, I want to feel better about myself and lastly, why the hell not? Thankfully, I’m not some crazy party animal that’s going to feel deprived of her 2 bottles of wine and too many gins every week, but I still think it’ll be tough. It started tough with the dread of taking the ‘before’ photos and measurements, but I suppose that’s the worst of it over…. that’s definitely the biggest LIE I’ve told all day!
The first phase of nutrition is a low carb, no sugar, no alcohol, no caffeine, body cleanse. This is for two weeks, and writing this a week deep I could really do with a soya latte and a piece of dark chocolate. (Ps. for anyone that doesn’t know me, I do love my one coffee a day as my little treat.) All the latte art on Instagram is KILLING ME!

So I thought I’d take you on this little journey with me, if you’re interested. Not only is this for me, but I feel like I’m also learning along the way, and hopefully can help others too from the process when people train with me. I feel like a lot of stuff we see on social media/Instagram these days make it feel like everyone has their s**t together, everyone feels amazing in a bikini, and everyone meal preps like a boss, when in fact for some of us, achieving those things does take planning, prepping and dedication and doesn’t happen overnight!
I’m hoping for great results and to feel really great at the end of the 8 weeks. Watch this space I guess… I’ll check in with this whole challenge thing in a few weeks, that’s if I survive with no caffeine till then!
Sopha x
Bye bye caffeine see you soon! 


One thought on “Time for a little challenge…

  1. Helen says:

    Good on you – go girl xxx Not only is it great to have challenges but it’s also good experience to learn what works for you and potentially others you help. Well done you xxxx


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