We’ve been here before… NYC (& Bermuda)

Yup, a year later and we we’re already itching to go back. There’s something about New York, it never gets boring and I know I’m always going to have a good time. It feels like another London, a place where; now I’ve done all the sightseeing there is, I can spend my time there as if I were a local. So, get up, stroll out for coffee or brunch, browse the shops, use the subway, take a walk in central park and just relax. Sounds crazy right, relaxing in New York, but honestly it is way less stressful as a city compared to London in my opinion, or maybe that’s just because I’m on holiday…
Anyway, myself and J decided on our summer holiday to be a mix of city and sea, from New York to Bermuda, and can I tell you, it was the most perfect combination. So, we spent three nights in NY, then cruised out of New York towards beautiful Bermuda, where we spent 4 days relaxing and soaking up the blissful sun, and swimming in the most clear waters before cruising back to NY to finish off our trip. Sounds like an ad, but there really is no other way to describe it… maybe pictures, but they still probably won’t do it justice!

*disclaimer, it seems all we did was eat, but I promise we did other things in NY too. We find it fun to relax and people watch, but of course the food is a bonus. The shopping was great, we walked miles (way over those 10,000 steps), totally got the hang of the subway and just generally had an awesome stay!


A few new places to add since our last trip, plus a gems re-visited.
Bluestone Lane – I mentioned it last time, but it deserves another, as does their avocado toast. Loads of locations, cute take out options and nice drinks!


The Butcher’s Daughter – What a find! It feels really local, buzzy and most importantly serves great food. There are tonnes of GF/Vegan options, but those kind of ‘free from’ eats that taste far too naughty to be free from anything! Both myself and J ordered the ‘Weekend Waffles’ served with fresh berry compote, strawberry ‘butter’ and pure maple syrup. We wanted to go back, but we didn’t have enough days. Damn.








Van Leewan Ice-cream – The most incredible vegan ice-cream you have ever tasted. Please bring it to London…

Uncle Boons – A fantastic Thai restaurant recommended to us. Definitely worth the visit and a perfect place for sharing food and trying a few things on the menu. I must say, it is very unassuming and plain from the outside, but the food is gorgeous and clearly a hit with the locals! Try to book/get to the area early to request a table and go to a bar for a drink whilst you wait!



Cruising and Bermuda…. 
Everyone turns their nose up at cruising for some reason, as if it is just full of oldies. Granted, there are some oldies (duh, they like to holiday too), but it’s the most wonderful holiday to see new places, whilst; destination dependant, enjoy a breezy, yet sunny sail along the way. The sail-away from New York was epic, with the most perfect view of the Statue of Liberty, a G&T in hand and music playing. I finally just felt a switch in me as if my body said ‘now you can just relax!’ – I so needed it!
I’ve tried a fair few cruises with my family, but this time J and I sailed with Celebrity Cruises on the ‘Summit’. For the first 2 sea days we’d get up and head to the gym to get moving (I took my Louisa Drake Method bands/ball so used these most days for a quick and easy workout) before spending the rest of the day relaxing on a lounger, enjoying fresh salads and the most dreamy iced coffees, before getting spruced up for our evening meal.


Our third day cruising, we arrived early into Dockyard, Bermuda. Bermuda feels kind of unique to me. My parents met there; love at first sight my dad says, and after all the stories they’ve told, from how they met, to where they lived, the beaches they used to go to (and many more that are far too rogue to share…) it’s made the island feel special, and even more so that I could now share this special place with Jords. Anyway, if that wasn’t enough, the clear waters and sandy beaches come up trumps to any others I’ve seen.


If arriving into Dockyard, it’s best to either get the ferry across to Hamilton, the cute main town of Bermuda, have an explore, then head to the beaches via the bus or a cab. Bermuda’s miles of coastline is dotted with crescents of pink sand, dramatic rocks and hidden coves. We started at Bermuda’s most well known beach, Horseshoe Bay, which was of course, beautiful, but equally very busy and slightly touristic. It’s as if everyone is told to go there as it’s the ‘best beach’. Instead, we walked left of this beach and found the most idyllic and serene spot named ‘Warwick Long Bay’. It felt like we had the whole bay to ourselves, as we spent the day with pink sand between our toes, and cooled off in the most crystal waters ever seen. On our other days we of course returned and discovered more cute coves and pink sandy beaches. Honestly, before if I were to answer a poll between ‘beaches or pool’, I would’ve chosen the latter… now, after my experience in Bermuda it would have to be beaches, but of course after this trip I’ve got very high standards…. 😉

It really was the most perfect getaway, one that I would re live tomorrow if I could… The whole trip really summed up a quote for me…

‘In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed’ 

It just made me realise that, what is working hard if you can’t spend what was well earned to make memories with your loved ones. There is nothing better than making these special moments, and even better when those moments can kinda…almost… slightly be relived by writing about them and looking at pictures – side note, J really is the most perfect insta boyfriend there is, what a gem! I really have got the travel bug, where else should I go next?
Sopha x




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