I’m back and I’m feeling ‘so good’…

Get it… Sopha ‘so good’. It’s been so long that to be honest, I don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten. But anyway, hey I’m back! Blimey I’ve missed writing on here, I know I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a busy few months probably juggling a few too many plates (I know, aren’t we all) and I’ve maybe subconsciously let myself fall into a slight digital detox, focusing less on capturing stuff for ‘the gram’ but instead just enjoying moments without a picture to prove it. It’s ironic, more than a year ago, I created this blog as an escape from the all the crap I was experiencing with my health, and with nothing to do but rest, I could dedicate every minute I had (which was a lot of minutes!) to writing. A year or so on, and back on track, it seems that thing called real life has got in the way and in fact I’ve had no time to write. I can’t complain, I am so happy to be healthy and active and busy, but I have missed chatting on here. If anything, writing for me is like therapy, a moment to share my thoughts and experiences, in the hope that people want to read it.
So, what’s been happening… a lot of teaching at The Louisa Drake Method, a lot of learning, trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can so I can keep growing in the fitness world, some travelling and a surprise birthday trip, too many early mornings, some tasty new brunches, and of course some great coffee (for all those early mornings!) Somehow, myself and J also managed to tie in a trip back to NYC for part of our summer hols, and so I thought, with New York being one of my all time favourite places, it seems like the perfect place to begin writing again.
I’m so happy to be back… Speak soon,
Sopha x 
*a totally un-related photo/ as much as my face doesn’t show it, life’s always better on the beach. 


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