‘I have no idea what to make?’

Ever ask yourself that question, whilst standing in the kitchen, peering aimlessly into you fridge, hoping that dinner will just miraculously make itself? Well, that was me last night (and many nights). I’m proud to say, I think I’m a pretty good cook, and I enjoy creating meals, whether it’s from following a recipe or creating my own; however last night I just had no idea.
I had a few random ingredients in my fridge that were definitely edging towards that fine line of needing to be eaten/going to go to waste. I decided my staple ingredient was going to be some ‘Romano’ peppers (the long ones) that were calling out to be used. I then popped out to the supermarket to grab a few more basic ingredients to help shape my meal into something pretty delicious – I hoped! What I thought would be a bland and uninspiring meal, turned out to be one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever made; so I thought it was only fair to share it with you, and pretty pronto! I’m learning that spontaneity in the kitchen, can create magic!


What you need:
-Romano peppers (the long ones)Β  *if you can’t find these, bell peppers would also work!
-Puy lentils (ready made in a packet)
-Butternut squash
-Handful of chopped sun dried tomatoes
-1/2 red onion
-Handful of parsley
-Olive oil/ melted coconut oil
What to do:Β 
1. Peel and chop some butternut squash into small cubes & chop half a red onion into small slices. Add all to a large baking tray, drizzle with oil of choice and season with salt and pepper. Put in the oven to roast on 200C for 30 mins or until crisp and golden brown around the edges.
2. With about 15 mins to go on the oven, prep the salmon in a baking tray in tin foil, and season with a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper.
3. Whilst the above is roasting, chop the ends and de centre 1 Romano pepper.
4. In a pan, add half (or whole if you want leftovers) the bag of pre cooked lentils, a drop of water, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, handful of parsley, and the roasted butternut squash/red onion, and heat through.
5. Fill the peppers with the lentils and roast in the oven for 10 mins, or until the salmon is ready to come out.
6. Plate up, and enjoy!
*FYI, these timings are rough, but as long as everything is cooked, in whatever order, I can assure you will enjoy the meal!

It’s super easy, fast to make, and even better, it’s perfect to use the leftovers as meal prep for the next day. I have a blog post to follow on my ‘food prep game’, but a heads up; if you cook a little bit extra for dinner, you can save it for the next day. Simple stuff.


Not as pretty, but certainly practical!


Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
Sopha x

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