How to stay on track beyond the January health buzz…

We all know that with the new year comes the endless lists of new years resolutions and goals. Personally, as I’ve probably said before, I believe less in the ‘new year, new me’ craze, but more in making positive and sustainable changes to your lifestyle that inevitably could make a better version of you! These changes only need to be small, but easy to maintain. I’m not just talking about hitting the gym hard, or eating healthier, but rather, small day to day changes to help life seem a little more manageable. I don’t know about you, but my weeks seem to be getting busier and busier, to the point where I have to give myself a mini pep talk on a Sunday evening to get me set up for the busyness that awaits.

 Be Mindful- What an earth is that right?! I read this really cool thing online, that most of us are ‘mindFULL rather than mindful’. By this I mean that our minds are constantly full of clutter, endless to do lists, stresses, and what if’s, leading to a restless and unfocused mind. So before anything, why not try and de clutter your mind-
  • Stop memorising everything in your already overwhelmed head. Write down any important info, make lists, record plans in a diary, and de-clutter the brain!
  • Let go of the past, from what happened a couple of hours ago, to a couple of months ago. Find that wonderful feeling of being free from worries. (FYI, I am also incredibly bad at this BUT I’m working on it!)
  • Stop doing everything all at once. By this I mean do tasks one by one. I know us females are the queens of multi-tasking, however, often this can be detrimental to performing one task to its fullest. This may just be turning the TV off, and eating your dinner without any distractions. *FYI, apparently eating without distraction and chewing your mouthfuls 20 times (how boring?!) can help you to reduce food intake by getting fuller quicker!
I believe that through mindfulness and reducing stress, we will inevitably make better food choices and feel more positive in keeping up a healthy routine. 

Book your class- If group fitness classes are your kind of thing, then try to book your classes a week/at least 3 days in advance, and get them in the diary. Once committing to a booking, you are less likely to stay in bed and bail, plus you really want to avoid a late cancellation studio fee at all costs! I learnt the hard way with a cancellation fee of £20 once… I know, a little steep right?! So many boutique studios have new client deals as a way of keeping on track, plus companies like ‘ClassPass’ and ‘MoveGB’ have great New Year deals. At LDM, we have some great deals for new clients, plus a great offer of 3 classes for £35. Head over to to see more!

LDM Studio, Fitzrovia

Plan every SOME meals-
I definitely wanted emphasise the word SOME. I find it totally overwhelming and unrealistic when people suggest to food prep for the whole week. Firstly, who wants to spend Sunday doing that, and secondly, it allows for no change in plans, excitement, or variety, in my eyes. It is important to create a healthy relationship with food, where you can look forward to a meal, rather than dread that piece of plain, dry chicken and cold broccoli. The idea is to plan a few meals (by that I don’t mean cook and prep in advance) by simply buying a few staple ingredients for the fridge that could make a potential meal, and then plan maybe 4 out of the weeks dinners alongside a partner, housemate, or on your own by making another list!


A few extra tips… 
  • Lay your gym clothes out the night before, or alternatively, always have a spare set in your bag with you for that potential after work run or workout.
  • Keep hydrated. Grab yourself a reusable water bottle so that you can keep refilling it throughout the day. That way, you will save money by constantly having to buy bottles of water out, and you can keep a check on how much you are drinking.
  • Try to get into a regular sleeping pattern, and if that isn’t possible with your work life then make sure that when you do finally sleep, that it’s a good one (and long enough).
  • Make working out part of your routine, rather than it being a chore. Just like making dinner on an evening, make going to class/the gym, another necessity in your week.
  • Don’t avoid plans with friends or loved ones. Keeping healthy and on track doesn’t mean you have to become an unsociable hermit… saying that, cosy nights of the sofa are bloody good!
  • Have some you time, whether that may be going to your favourite coffee shop (that’s my choice), doing a face mask, or taking a bath. It’s so much easier to stay on track and be kind to our bodies when we give ourselves time to just CHILL.
  • Listen to your body! I’m the biggest believer in this after being poorly. If your body is really really saying no (and you’re not just being lazy) then let yourself rest!


    The best coffee shop ever created!

I hope these tips were handy, and achievable. Let’s take our health and happiness beyond the 31st Jan this year!
All the positive vibes…
Sopha x








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