My Top 4 Quick Eats in London

Honesty is the best policy right, so being honest, as much as I try to be organised with food and meals throughout the day, sometimes ‘food prep’ just doesn’t happen. Anyone else with me? Since being poorly my appetite has definitely decreased. I don’t feel crazy hungry in the morning, I no longer want to get up and make a daily avo on toast (side note, you all know I used to be obsessed with avo on toast, well I literally haven’t had it in months!!) and I don’t want to always come in late and cook. I’m guessing some of you feel the same. However, what I do know is that it is so important to fuel my body in a positive and healthy way, in order to have the energy to go around my busy schedule. So if that means, grabbing a coffee for brekkie, and having a bit of food later on when I feel hungry, then I’m cool with that. Often the ‘having a bit of food later on’ part occurs once I’m out and about in London. So here’s where this blog post comes in handy. I’ve chosen 4 quick eats in London that I love to grab food from, and that I know are healthy AND tasty! Oh and btw, sorry if most of these seem like they’re central London based, I’m mostly in central however these places also have branches elsewhere.

The Detox Kitchen
Maybe I’m biased seeing as though The Louisa Drake Method Studio is situated beneath this wonderful eatery, however, I do think this place sells some awesome food. It’s all freshly made on a morning, with sweet treats, breakfast options, juices, smoothies and coffees as well as over 6 salad options and proteins so that you can ‘create your own’. Even better, they focus on serving mostly both gluten and dairy free options, full of flavour and colour. I am obsessed with the curried chunky sweet potato, topped with a coconut yoghurt spicy sauce, as well as their pesto courgetti and salmon fishcakes. The best part… you know those days when you finish work (or teaching in my case) and you already know you won’t want to cook when you get home. Well, The Detox Kitchen have you covered, as after 5.30pm daily, they offer half price on all of their fresh salads and proteins. Literally a life saver!

Head to the link here to check out store locations and food options, and hey, whilst you’re in the Fitzrovia branch, why not take a class with us at The Louisa Drake Method Studios! >>>

Joe and the Juice
These are literally popping up all over London, and if you don’t mind loud music and a slightly flirtatious welcome then you’ll enjoy this place. It’s a very fast paced eatery to grab a freshly made sandwich or a juice on the go (or both), or even better if you need somewhere to chill/work whilst you’re in town, then they always have a tonne of chairs, and areas with plugs to settle yourself down near. I feel like there are so many eating places popping up through London, but none of them have enough plugs?! Annoying!!
Anyway, the juices are super tasty, you can choose from a massive menu, or you can pretty much make your own. If I want to grab some food, I get a ‘tunacado’. I guess they kind of spell it out for you, but just incase you didn’t get it, this is a freshly made toasted panini (on gluten free if you want) with tuna mousse, avocado, tomato, and pesto. It tastes SO good. There are about 8 sandwich options to choose from. Honestly, I don’t even really rate sandwiches but this place makes a good one!

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>>> Joe and the juice – for locations and menu

The Good Life Eatery
I’ve already mentioned this place before, and it’s still up there as one of my favourite places to eat in London. The food service is quick, tastes amazing, is a reasonable price and is all really fresh. They have smoothie bowls, eggs, almond chestnut waffles (fyi, these are the bomb), avo on toast etc in the mornings and into the afternoon they bring an extensive menu full of protein bowls, wraps, salads and more. They also do take out which is ideal if you’re in a massive rush. I feel like so many people have never heard of The Good Life when I mention it, but take it from me, it’s so good!
The Good Life Eatery


Acai Amazon Boost
I literally found this after feeling obliged to try an ‘Acai Bowl’ since this whole craze began. I’m still not sure if I can say it right, but I now know they taste good. I discovered this place tucked away in Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street, a perfect setting for a 20 minute break for food, and a people watch; potentially one of my favourite hobbies! The bowls are freshly made, you can choose your toppings, and even better, Acai isΒ great source of omega fats, minerals, and amino acids. So, your killing 2 birds with one stone, health and happiness! They also have a few pop ups around London. Check the website here!


Try them out for yourself + let me know if you have any favourite places throughout London or elsewhere that you love, I am ready to discover some new gems!
Have a lovely week,
Sopha x

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