Sweat and Sound

Are you already curious after reading the title? I was too! For all you fitness lovers, or just people that enjoy amazing music, this ones for you. It can often become very mundane heading to the gym on a cold, dark morning, listening to the same god damn playlist, and blasting out the same workout you’ve been doing for months. Apart from of course heading to the wonderful Louisa Drake Method Studios where I’m based (just thought I’d get that in there!), Sweat and SoundΒ have created a new and exciting way of working out, unlike anything you have probably experienced before.
So what is it?
I hope that makes you want to read more! I believe the founders, Ariana and Martina have created something really quite special here, demonstrating their real passion for music and fitness combined. This immersive experience takes you to another place, unlike your normal workout, transforming the space with amazing live music and an adrenaline-boosting workout. The best part is, you don’t find out the exact location till the day before, so you are left waiting in anticipation until the secret unfolds.
As a blogger, I was lucky enough to be invited on behalf of ‘Prezzroom’ to two magical events. Honestly, I would pay to experience what I felt in both events.
The first event I attended was ‘The Yoga Experience’. I’m just going to put it out there, I’m not much of a yogi, and with my usual work within the fitness industry, I’m much more inclined to teach and take class with loud charted music, get a sweat on and ‘get peachy’. However, experiencing something like this has totally transformed my view on yoga. The epic live music played by Okiem on piano, accompanied with a very free yoga flow from Hannah Mae transported me to another place, I totally switched off and just enjoyed moving my body and focusing for once. Normally in yoga I tend to think about what I have on my to do list, and what I’m cooking for dinner!!
I feel like anything I say can’t do it justice, but look at the pictures below and I urge you to experience an event with Sweat and Sound yourself! We experienced yoga in a historic church in Bloomsbury, in a space unlike anywhere I have worked out before!


I see me, just!!


The most recent event was another yoga experience, ‘White Noise’, which came in perfect timing as I desperately needed a flow, stretch and a time to focus on my relaxation. This was a beautiful, minimalist event, complemented by a Live Harp with Glenda Allaway. It was set at Core Clapton, a lovely open white space, with no distraction but to focus on the wonderful music and flow led again by Hannah Mae. Although this event was far less grand than being in a vast, tall space like the Church, it had an intimate feel and a sense of serenity and stillness. Plus, we were given some lovely vegan treats and deserts to munch on following the flow.
Take a look…



Let me just add, it’s not just yoga! I am gutted to be missing what sounds like an incredible experience of spinning, combined with booming beats from a live DJ! Oh well, I guess there is always next time, you’re going to have to sign up yourself though, as I’m afraid when I find out, it’s top secret! πŸ™‚
Click here to be notified with up and coming events, it’s invite only people!
Thanks again to the wonderful Sweat and Sound and the lovely Alexa at Prezzroom!
Join the secrets with us..
Sopha x

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