New Beginnings…

So, apart from the usual posts confessing my love for banana bread and other healthy bakes, plus photos and info following my travels this summer, I think it is fair to say that ALOT has changed. I think it’s about time I update you all on my new venture and of course my positive recovery from chronic fatigue. I must add apologies in advance if you follow me on instagram, as you may already know everything I am about to say after looking at my insta posts.
After a summer of travelling to NYC, and going on a cruise through the Mediterranean with Azamara cruises, I definitely got my fair share of a vitamin D intake with the beautiful weather on both trips. I also believe, kicking back, heading to somewhere new, exploring and spending time with my family and wonderful boyfriend has done wonders for my mind and soul. I cannot even tell you how much better I feel both physically and mentally, plus my energy levels are incomparable to when I was going through the worst of my illness. I might not feel absolutely 100% myself, plus I am still very mindful to take rest days and down time, however I am thankfully now able to function as a normal human being would, without having to just limit myself to one bus ride to a coffee shop and back! Hooray!


With this hugely positive recovery, I have also bagged myself a new job, through a little bit of networking, positivity and of course being my usual chatty self. I now work as a fitness trainer at the brand new ‘Louisa Drake Method Studio’ located at 10 Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia, London, beneath the flagship cafe of ‘The Detox Kitchen’. I am still SO excited and grateful for such an incredible opportunity, (if you’re reading this, thanks again Louisa!!!)
For those of you wondering what kind of exercise this is… The Louisa Drake Method is a shape-changer that generates stronger, longer and leaner bodies. Quick question, who doesn’t want one of those, sounds amazing right?! I am thrilled to have returned to the fitness industry as part of such a great company where I strongly believe the method can make great changes to your body and mind, without putting it under a tonne of stress. I have already seen positive changes in myself throughout the course of my training and teaching, as well as taking class as a participant. We thrive off people coming to a class for enjoyment (as well as getting an amazing workout) rather than making fitness a chore.
There are 6 different formats on the timetable, with something to suit everyone!
  1. Shape Changer – our signature workout, an effective cardio and strength, total body workout.
  2. Sculpt – sculpting and strengthening, think, shape changer, without the cardio.
  3. Barre- barre choreography for lengthening and toning with some low impact cardio, time to release your inner ballerina.
  4. Cardio – a 30 minute cardio blast, with a fusion of cardio choreography plus plyometrics. Think of a HIIT style workout, but more varied and less stressful on the joints.
  5. Reset – a 30 minute mobility and flexibility class using foam rollers, massage balls and a range of stretches.
  6. Flow – a yoga and stretch class developing an ease of movement and feeling of lengthening through the body.
I am currently teaching the Shape Changer, Sculpt and Cardio class throughout the week, with the hope to be teaching both Barre and Reset very soon. Oh and by the way, if you’re looking for my name on the timetable, you’ll find ‘Sophie Whitwell’, not ‘Sopha so Good’!!
I would urge you to head to the website for a much more in depth description of the class formats, a chance to take a look at our lovely studio, as well as our current class timetable and pricing. Classes can work out to as little as 2 1/2 cups of coffee, which when you think about it, is a very small amount to invest into our health and wellbeing. FYI, we also sell some insanely comfy sweatshirts and hoodies with cute slogans on, through Louisa’s collaboration with ‘Double Trouble Gang’. Maybe don’t listen to me, I’m an awful influence when it comes to buying clothes!
I can’t wait to see many more new faces joining both myself, and the rest of the lovely team of trainers in class. The only issue with this new job, my collection of never ending fitness gear once again continues!! Sorry, not sorry!
Come and ‘Get Peachy’ with us!
See you soon, ps. everything is ‘so far so good’!
Sopha x
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