Savoury or Sweet?

What a question, and are you sweet enough? I used to always have ‘sweet’ things for breakfast, and particularly when I wasn’t gluten and dairy free, my go to breakfast would be something like greek yoghurt with berries, or granola. Now, with more of an educated outlook on food and the healthier options out there, coupled with my food intolerances, I tend to steer away from things like granola and cereals. Instead, I try to fuel my body in the morning with something more filling and nutritious to give me energy into the day. I love making smoothies in my nutri-bullet, and admittedly, I will sometimes just grab a latte from ‘Shot’ for a very quick brekkie, however, as some of you may have gathered, my go to brekkie/brunch has to be avocado toast. I honestly don’t know where the love or obsession has come from, and sometimes I do question whether I need to reign it in slightly. That being said, avocados are packed full of nutritious healthy fats and are a great fuel to start your morning.
On the flip side, I have discovered the most wonderful creation as a topping for toast, to cater for those with that sweet craving. So the first recipe up is-
  1. GF seeded toast (from Le Pain Quotidian) topped with 100% natural peanut butter, grilled figs, and a drizzle of agave nectar. 
First, slice the figs into.. slices (theres no other word I could’ve used ha) drizzle with coconut oil and place under the grill under slightly crisped around the edges. Pop your bread in the toaster, and once toasted, smother in peanut butter. I use a 100% PB from Active foods, but you can use whichever you like! Once the figs are ready place them on top, and for extra sweetness add a drizzle of agave. Voila!
(They are so easy to prepare and if you’re not fussed about having warm grilled figs, you could eat them cold.)
Why did I never think of this before?
IMG_7536 (1).jpg
And the rival to the wonderful plate of food above is..
2. Avocado Toast
The new breakfast phenomenon that has taken over Instagram. It’s so quick and easy, and can be adapted with some added extras dependant on what you have in the fridge. So for the most basic avo toast…
  • Either slice, or slightly mash your avo in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.
  • Toast your GF/regular bread
  • I like to spread a thin layer of coconut oil on my toast.
  • Then top with the avocado!
Now heres a list of some add ons to give it an extra zing..
  • Lemon/lime to squeeze on top
  • A sprinkle of seeds
  • Sprinkle of pomegranate
  • A handful of rocket
  • Drizzle of olive oil
  • Smoked salmon
Enjoy everyone and have a lovely weekend! For more avo obsessed posts, head to my instagram- @sopha_sogood
Sopha x

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