Listen to your body!

I wanted to write something to remind not only myself, but hopefully anyone reading this that it is so important to listen to our bodies. I am the biggest culprit of ignoring my problems, looking past the blatant bags under my eyes, and the achy muscles and just ‘getting on with it’. Unfortunately for me, ‘getting on with it’ was one of the worst things I could’ve done. I went through all of November feeling run down, with my glands constantly firing up, but I just ignored it and signed it off as a cold. Whilst feeling this way, over a cold and wet weekend, I woke myself up at 6.30 am and headed for an intense weekend of spinning instructor training. I’m pretty sure I was on the spinning bike for a total of 14 hours over the whole weekend. Not only was I incredibly sore and fragile (particularly down below, soz for the details), I was also left feeling even more run down and ill. Of course I ignored it, and woke up early on the Monday to start my day off with more instructing.
Now I am left in a state, with post glandular fever symptoms and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’m most certainly not saying that a weekend of spinning and my regular teaching was the cause of this illness, however, I feel like if I’d have listened to my body, taken a step back and looked after myself, I could have battled this sooner. Like many of you, I strive for perfection, and I constantly want to achieve and be successful, however in turn I think we all neglect our health and our bodies. Our body is incredible, and it sure can do some amazing things, but I think we need to cut it some slack sometimes and give it a little bit of tender loving care from time to time.
Fuel your body 
I live by having a balanced diet. I am very mindful of my food choices, particularly with being both gluten and dairy free. I fuel my body with lots of veggies; not just the green kind but the orange, red, yellow too, good carbs (sweet potato, quinoa etc) and proteins, but sometimes you’ve got to give your body whatever it desires. When we’re all scrolling through Instagram, of course we like the pictures of healthy salads and lean greens, but we give a lot of love to the pancake porn photos, chocolate and sweet treats. So sometimes, it’s fine to let your body love these things too. It’s all about balance and using food as a way to take care of yourself, rather than using food as a reward. Create a positive relationship with food and your mind and body will thrive!

When your body is tired and your 6.30 am alarm goes off to hit the gym before work, sometimes just let your body stay in bed. I’m all for being motivated and fitting in a workout around a busy schedule, but often what we need is a few extra hours sleep or an extra rest day. We’re also all trying to get on track and ready for summer, but often going from zero to hero can come with it’s challenges. Be mindful of your body, stay injury proof, and give some yoga or barre a go for a different style of workout.
*If you’re in London, check out Barrecore. It’s a killer workout and those isometric movements get your muscles shaking like never before! 
Take some ‘me’ time 
Switch off from the world, take a bath with candles and relaxing music, have a facial, just do whatever you like to do to relax. I often feel like I am totally consumed by social media, it’s almost addictive, but maybe quitting scrolling through Instagram for a weekend or taking time out from being glued to our screens is the way forward.
Particularly with being ill, it’s made me realise that I try so hard to please everyone else, and do things for others (which I love doing by the way), but I often don’t do things to please myself. Take some time to do something you love! ❤ ❤
I’m just taking some chill time. Wait, this is me everyday right now whilst recovering! Guilty.
So there’s a little bit of advice to myself that hopefully will translate to anyone that reads this. If you want to go out for dinner with friends, do it! If you want to stay in and spend the night watching shit tv, you go for it! There is no right or wrong. I hope this sends you into this new week feeling positive, I certainly need all the positivity I can get right now!
Remember, everything is ‘so far so good’. 
Sopha x


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