There’s no doubt about it that everyone just wants to have perfect skin and to be able to rock the ‘no make up’ days with style. Personally, I am not one to cake my face in make up, I much prefer the more natural look. In fact, once I have a bit of a tan, I tend to steer clear of any kind of foundation and just use a bit of blusher and mascara. Unfortunately, British weather sucks!
Anyway, whilst being ill, I feel like my skin has taken a real blow. My usual blemish free skin now seems to be scattered with annoying little blemishes, and appears extremely dull. It’s seriously annoying that a lot of the time whilst we are run down and poorly it’s not only our body that takes a beating, but also our hair, nails and skin. I can definitely tell that my nails are weak, they just keep breaking! I find that I need to take extra care whilst I’m poorly to look after my skin. If you feel the same then try these tips-
  1. Make sure you take off all your make up before sleeping.
  2. Cleanse your skin gently, both morning and night.
  3. Keep your skin hydrated by using a hydrating moisturiser. *Great to use straight after a hot shower to lock in the moisture.
  4. Gentle scrub 1/2 times a week.
  5. Drink lots of water.
  6. Fuel your body with healthy food.
Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 09.53.42.png
An absolute saviour for my skin has been the great products by GLAMGLOW®. I’ve been lucky enough to try out these gorgeous products in line with their launch in the UK and the #HELLOSEXY campaign.
I’ve been using the SUPERMUD® CLEARING TREATMENT for a while now after my Mum spotted it in the US a few years ago as the ‘Hollywood’ skin treatment. I’m totally hooked on this product as it helps me fight my skin concerns and leaves me with a super clear, poreless-looking skin. I saw all of their products in boots last week and I had a little happy dance to myself!
For the UK launch, I’ve tried and tested the THIRSTYMUD™ HYDRATING TREATMENT, which left my skin feeling silky smooth, brighter and helped to dull down any redness in my complexion. Winner!
Woah, hello big picture of my face. I applied a thin layer all over my face and left for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, my skin felt AMAZING!
Now for the best part. I hope my boyfriend can vouch for me having the most kissable lips on the planet after using this stuff. I won’t be kissing anyone else, so you can only take my word for it that this POUTMUD™ WET LIP BALM TREATMENT left my lips feeling hydrated, smooth and totally kissable. I feel like the hashtag #HELLOSEXY is totally applicable for this product. In all seriousness though, this temperamental British weather leaves our skin feeling dry and sore. I’m pretty sure we all neglect our skin, and I can guarantee most of us neglect our lips even more! It comes in a cute, bright pink pot and is perfect to use both day and night instead of constantly lathering our lips with useless lip balm. **FYI, the habit of applying lip balm every hour of the day actually drys our lips out.
Multi-tasking in my Supermud treatment and Poutmud treatment. Pucker up ❤
This lip balm treatment is formulated with a Super Hydration Infusion of Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Murumuru Butter, Shea Butter, Tamanu Oil & Babassu Oil. Enhanced with Kombucha Extract & TEAOXI® Moroccan Mint Leaf for Sweet Minty Kissable Lips. Doesn’t that just sound edible!
So, I urge you to get online to their website and check them out, or head into boots and have a browse. There are so many skin products out their, but it’s important to find what is best for you. GLAMGLOW® feels natural and professional and works amazingly for me as a weekly treatment. You can feel sexy too!
Instagram: @glamglowuk / Web: http://www.glamglow.co.uk
I’m off to hydrate my skin, Cya!
Sopha x

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