A taste of ‘The Good Life’

Although I may be ill, I know one thing for sure. If you’re in London you have got to check out ‘The Good Life Eatery’. Hands down, this place is one of my favourite spots for breakfast/ brunch, and seeing as though I’m a professional brunch goer, that’s a pretty big statement.
My Mum and I popped here for brekkie last week, after one of my Doctors appointments, and I must say it cheered me right up. The menu has no limit when it comes to being a gluten and dairy free foodie, in fact, pretty much everything on the menu caters for us awkward eaters. Their story…

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 16.53.05.png

They do takeaway and delivery, that could be dangerous! Anyway, Mum and I visited the Marylebone branch seeing as though it was round the corner, however there are two other branches; one in Chelsea, the other in Belgravia. We both went for the Chestnut and Almond waffles, (GF/DF) and oh my goodness, they were amazing. They are served with an apple and blackberry compote, mashed banana, and coconut yoghurt. They smell divine and are both light, yet surprisingly filling. I can’t wait to go back to try some of their other breakfast options, as well as their amazing array of superfood salads and warm bowls.


Here are a few snaps from our morning.  I only managed to take a couple, once our breakfast was served my phone was getting zero attention…
These yummy treats will certainly draw you in. Most of the sweet treats (Banana Loaf, Coconut Cake, Brownies) are all GF/DF. Yay!
They also have a cookbook, check it out on the link below!
Soy Latte- it managed to live up to a coffee snobs expectations (haha)
I am so excited to start making some waffles at home with my new waffle maker; I might even try out ‘The Good Life’ waffle recipe from their cookbook. So, watch this space for my attempt to create something just as tasty as these. It could be a challenge.
Please, go and have a taste of ‘The Good Life’, you won’t regret it! Enjoy.
* P.s 
Click here for a link to the cookbook. 
Sopha x

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