Gimme Energy! (Thanks PO-TEN-CY)

The one thing (amongst many things) that absolutely sucks about having Chronic Fatigue is my constant lack of energy. I hate the feeling of being lethargic and not as spritely and full of beans like I was before. It’s even more frustrating that; apart from the crazy dark circles under my eyes and pale skin, I don’t look tremendously ill. People probably think I’m an absolute lazy s***, which I really hate. It’s getting to the point of me feeling so jealous when I see someone on a run;  I wish I could be running beside them, and the funny thing is, I don’t even really like running that much! I got terrible shin splints whilst I was training at college, it’s scared me off from doing long runs outside, I prefer the treadmill. Wait, what’s a treadmill again? Literally, it has been that long since I have been to the gym, I’m almost shedding a tear.
I love the feeling of finishing a good workout and getting a sweat on. It makes me feel good about myself and gives me a purpose and positive energy for the day. After all, energy creates energy right? I get so restless if I don’t go to the gym, and I enjoy it so much, it’s not even a chore. Anyway, of course whilst recovering from CF I can’t train like I was before, eventually I hope to gradually incorporate some gentle exercise into my week but for now I have to find other ways to feel good, feel positive and get some energy.
Other than taking daily iron supplements, a huge dose of vitamin D supplements and vitamin B12 to aid my recovery, I also believe food choices and good nutrition play a huge part in making us feel good. It’s surprising how well food can fuel our bodies with energy to carry us through the day. By this, I don’t mean sugar rich foods that give our bodies surges of little energy, but rather, wholesome, slow release foods that fuel our bodies from the morning till when we sleep.
I find a good way to start the morning is with a smoothie. I like to pack my smoothies with a lot of veggies as well as a little bit of fruit. Fruit is great, and the naturally occurring sugars in fruit are definitely preferable to the added kind. Still, a good amount of vegetables and minimal fruit is better for our bodies, and our teeth, and it packs our bodies with a lot of veggies without even realising.
This morning I had a great green smoothie, which looks seriously ascetically pleasing in this cute little jar. It swear it tastes better when it looks good and is presented well! Is that just me?
What’s in this green potion- A big handful of spinach, a handful of kale, a stick of celery, half a banana, half a kiwi, a handful of blueberries, coconut water and scoop of coconut yoghurt! (I also added a small spoon of maca and baobab powder**).
I just wanted to say a massive shout out to ‘PO-TEN-CY’ (hence the title) for sending me a beautiful box of sweet energy snacks and a tub of nuts. I had these samples delivered personally to my door by the lovely Zoe. PO-TEN-CY is a relatively new company, focused on creating healthy energy snacks and cold-pressed juices, all of which are gluten and dairy free. I am so lucky and thrilled to be able to try these products, and I have no doubt about it that they have already helped me combat fatigue and give me a boost of energy. For most of you, these products will be perfect as a post-workout snack or to help fuel a long day and it’s inevitable 3 o’clock slump.
Head over to the website for a further look!  <<<
When I was at my busiest, it was always hard to fit in making my own energy balls and healthy snacks that I would end up picking up a bag of healthy popcorn on the go or some dark chocolate covered rice cakes. Although these aren’t the worst choices, it would have been so much better to be able to munch on an energy snack like those from PO-TEN-CY; giving me both and energy boost and health benefits.
So, what did I get??
How perfect would it be to have this cute little package delivered all the time? I know, wonderful right!
Raw trail mix – Lovingly hand soaked, activated & dehydrated nuts, seeds, berries, fruits & spices. GO NUTS!

These Mini Energy Balls are so great; one is a nutty and lemon zesty ball of yumminess, combined with dates, vanilla extract, poppy seeds and maca powder, the other is a wonderful combination of cashew and pecan nuts, dates, vanilla and raw cacao. They taste so good, definitely fill a gap and would curb any sweet tooth’s that may be lurking amongst you!
**FYI, I spoke about maca powder earlier, and to reiterate, it contains mountains of health benefits. Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. Maca has also been used to promote sexual function of both men and women. Definitely something to consider, and it is so easy to add to smoothies and balls like the PO-TEN-CY ones above. 

  1. Granola bar- This one is actually a brand new product that I am happy enough to be a guinea pig for. I can confirm that it is utterly wonderful! 10/10 from me Zoe!
  2. BBB brownie bites- What is BBB? The perfect combination of black beans, beetroot and buckwheat flour, creating the tastiest, fudge like textured brownie. I know some of you are thinking, why are there black beans in a brownie? I was actually a little apprehensive too, however I can honestly say, they do not compromise the taste. They instead gave me a slow release of energy, and a really nice feeling of fullness.
So pretty please, head over to the website to have a further look and give them a follow on Instagram. If it’s not enough to urge you to try out their products, I hope it at least urges you to think about eating more mindful snacks for an energy boost and to not just reach for the closest energy drink.
I’m so grateful for being able to try all of these yummy products, they honestly did make me feel a little better and more spritely throughout my day, and genuinely that is all I could wish for right now. So, thank you PO-TEN-CY for giving me ENERGY!
I don’t know about you, but I’m off to devour another BBB brownie bite. Cya!
Sopha x

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