Who’s become a coffee snob?

"You're basically a full grown adult once you drink coffee and tea, 


Me, me and me! I’m giving myself the title of a complete Coffee snob. I’m going to define a ‘coffee snob’ for those who don’t know. To be perfectly honest with you, it’s not actually a thing, however I seem to be turning my nose up to most Soy Lattes that are from your chain cafes, i.e. Costa, Starbucks, Pret, you get the jist. Firstly, to try and slightly redeem myself from the two most ridiculous sentences I’ve ever written-
1. I’m not a crazy coffee addict that needs her coffee everyday. I would never make an instant coffee at home and I don’t NEED a coffee to be able to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, I haven’t always loved coffee. It wasn’t until my Mum and I would go out on girly days and I would find myself ordering a ‘fruit cooler’ on some of the coldest days of the year, (receiving a look of horror from the waitress whenever I placed my order) that I realized I needed to find a hot drink I actually liked. Plus, you’re basically a full grown adult once you drink coffee and tea right? So, I tried a Latte, and an acquired taste turned into a love. I love a Soy Latte, purely as a nice warming, tasty drink, however I’m sure, compared to others, I could live without.
*FYI if you ever go skiing in Meribel/Val T, good bloody luck in finding a Soy Latte. You can search up and down every mountain; I promise it’s near impossible. I was getting pretty big withdrawal symptoms when I was out skiing in Jan I must admit, especially because I could hardly ski with being so poorly. Chronic Fatigue, you suck! 
2. I blame moving to London. London seems to have an ever-growing obsession for artisan coffee shops, particularly in my area and my boyfriends. I love to try out new places, and search for cute finds that I can take my Mum and Dad to when they are up in London, instead of your run of the mill chain cafés. After all, you can get a Starbucks or Costa from a service station!! I particularly enjoy it now I can try and test all these places with the wonderful company of my Boyfriend.
I feel like these Artisan coffee shops I talk about spend so much more care over their drinks, and it’s a given that the coffee beans are of a much higher quality. Plus, I swear everyone is so much friendlier in these smaller places, but maybe that’s just me! I feel pretty privileged that when I walk into Shot the guy goes, “one soy latte to go?” I can’t quite work out if thats a sign I go there too much, or whether he just has a really good memory. I say, the latter. I’m supposedly riding the “third wave” of coffee, which incase you were wondering, describes an environment with an intimacy from source to shop.
Anyway, my point is, I wanted to share with you 4 of my favorite places and nudge you to try them out if you are in the area/in London with one close by.
  1. SHOT Espresso– it would be rude to not give them the number one spot.
The closest to me is close to Fulham Broadway station, opposite Cafe Nero, however they do have two more branches in Parsons Green and Victoria.
On a warm, summers day, this is going to be the spot!
2. Wired Co.- West Hampstead, pretty close to the overground/underground, down a little side street, which also, btw, has a great bar called The Gallery. It’s jam packed and full of atmosphere almost every evening. Wired Co. is an independent coffee shop, serving great coffee, tasty Chai Lattes and hot chocolates, as well as some fresh smoothies made with raw ingredients/superfoods with great health benefits. They also make fresh, a variety of breakfast bowls, pastries, sweet treats, raw balls, fresh ciabatta sandwiches and toasties. Give it a go! You may be more familiar with Hampstead as an area, but West Hampstead is only a short walk and is actually a pretty cute place. It has a great fresh market on a Saturday morning too! 
Left- Hot chocolate, Right- Soy milk Latte ❤ 
Primal Porridge- GF oat bran, almond meal, chia seeds, almond milk, honey, berries and flaked almonds.
  1. Pitch- I’ve seen a few of these popping up recently. The closest to me is at my gym, OneLondon, Imperial Wharf. There is also another in Fulham Broadway station, a great place to grab a coffee if you’re on the go! They also sell some delicious GF cakes, on the go granola, and Coyo Frozen Yoghurt.
Coffe and raw balls! 
4. Gails Artisan Bakery- These are everywhere; it’s less of an independent coffee shop, but I think still serve some great drinks. You can find Gails on Hampstead high-street, King’s Road, Soho, Fulham Road, Clapham, to name just a few of its locations. Famous for their fabulous array of bakery goods, (my man says, go for a chocolate chunk cookie) sausage rolls and a great brunch menu, Gails is one to try. Personally, I just go there for the drinks because they do lack gluten free products, but all in all, it’s a goodun!
I feel sorry for all us GF foodies, we won’t be tasting any of these! Oh well, better make the most of window shopping! 🙂
I could add a 5th and 6th coffee spot and so on, but the list could be endless. I urge you to try them out, and if you have any favourite finds of your own, or even great brunch spots, send them my way. Myself and my boyfriend are now professional brunch goers!
**CF UPDATE- The past few days haven’t been the best. I’ve been feeling very tired and tearful and sorry for myself.  I’m beginning to realise that the recovery process is going to be full of plenty of ups, and downs, and I’ve just got to ride them! Anyway, its finally the weekend, I’m ready for more relaxing and some cheesy Saturday night TV, so I’ve got to say, I’m feeling ‘so far so good’.
Here’s to a good weekend, and hopefully the sun stays out!
Sopha x

2 thoughts on “Who’s become a coffee snob?

  1. Alison says:

    Good info Sophie, we are always after a good coffee shop wherever we go, found Gail’s a few years ago – will definitely give the others a try. Hope your week is more up than down! x

    Liked by 1 person

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