Gluten Free Pizza. Oh My Goodness.

"Pizza is like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, 
it's still pretty good" Apparently?
Guess what, its National Pizza Day, how appropriate.
There is something about pizza that is just utterly wonderful, especially for a cozy night in. I must admit (brace yourselves) that I hate Dominoes, and it has never been my comforting shoulder to cry on when I’ve been hungover or upset. However, there is something to be said for us awkward foodies being able to have a Pizza that is totally Gluten and Dairy free and still tastes amazing. Read on… The other night, at the end of a long week, my boyfriend and I said the same thing we say most evenings, “What shall we cook?” The answers that usually follow such a question when we aren’t feeling very creative are gluten free pesto pasta or roasted sweet potato with chicken or fish and veg, both of which seemed like far too much effort at the time.
After my earlier bus ride to ‘Shot’ (Wow, I sound like an OAP) and a quick look in Wholefoods, I found the best thing ever created. The White Rabbit Pizza Co. have started stocking their organic Gluten Free pizza bases and ready made pizzas in Wholefoods and Planet Organic. So I grabbed the plain pizza bases with the idea to either eat one over the weekend, or freeze them. Turns out, we were both just as excited as each other to try them out that we made them that same evening. Better still, it requires hardly any cooking.  Lazyyyyy! (I blame the Chronic Fatigue. What is my boyfriend’s excuse? Who knows…)
So, recipe as follows…

Coconut oil
Salt and Pepper for seasoning
White Rabbit Pizza Co. Pizza Base 
Zest Vegan Basil Pesto
Vegan Cheese
Red Onion 
Any Colour- Bell Peppers
Serrano Ham
Balsamic glaze
(Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees)
1. Chop the peppers and red onion in to thin slices and place in a baking tray, dressed with a small spoon of coconut oil, salt and pepper. Pop in the oven till lightly roasted then remove and leave on the side.
2. Take one GF base, and smother in Vegan Basil Pesto, leaving a small border of crust around the edges.
3. Decorate your pizza with the peppers, red onion, tomatoes and Serrano ham and place in the oven.
4. After 10 minutes, briefly remove the pizza from the oven and add a light crumble of the Vegan cheese. Place back in the oven for a further 10 minutes.
5. Once lightly browned around the crust and the cheese has melted, remove from the oven.
6. Drizzle with a little bit of balsamic glaze, season with a touch of salt and pepper and sprinkle on some rocket, if you’re feeling fancy.
*This recipe is specifically both gluten and dairy free but feel free to add in dairy cheese (like my boyfriend) or a tomato base instead of pesto/ any of your own toppings. These were just the toppings we had in the fridge, but get creative! You could also make your own fresh basil pesto, but who wants to do that on a Friday night?

Clearly very impatient waiting for my food. Ps. I’ve been having my flat re done, note the masking tape handle!
Voila! Quick picture before it was completely demolished!
So, give it a go if you like the look of it. Even if you aren’t gluten free, just get your own pizza bases and try making a pizza that’s way more fresh and good for you than your average takeaway.
I’m already picturing the next time we will make these!
Enjoy, Sopha x

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