My First Week of Rest

So, first blog post and I’ve completed week one of ordered rest by the Doctor. I know it sounds like one almighty countdown to health, but it is certainly helping me track my recovery and stay super happy and smiley like my usual self. Luckily, I have the most wonderful family and boyfriend to help me along the way, even if they have nicknamed me ‘glange’; a name derived from the illness glandular fever. Oh well, at least it keeps things light hearted right?
(FYI, people with post viral Chronic Fatigue have overwhelming fatigue and a host of other symptoms that are often not improved by bed rest and that get worse after physical and cognitive mental exercise) Oh dear..
When I left the Doctors my Mum and I turned to each other and said, “What is rest?” Myself and my family are constantly on the go , striving to achieve all things possible and probably taking on far too much at once. So for us, the term ‘rest’ is a hard one to define. We started scrolling the internet and reading stories from people who have suffered with Chronic Fatigue, and of course I went into complete panic!! However, after taking a step back I realised I need to concentrate on the NOW and not worry about the what ifs. With proper rest, good wholesome and healthy meals, vitamins and supplements, my recovery will take its own journey.
Other than bed rest, I’ve managed to shape my week with a few of the little things in life that I love, without exerting any energy.
So, I get the bus from straight outside my door, which takes me conveniently to the door of my favourite coffee shop in Fulham called ‘Shot’. I got the creamiest, silkiest (ok, sounding like the M and S ad now) Soya Latte you can imagine, while successfully persuading my mum; who normally drinks Starbucks through and through, that it was one of the nicest Lattes she has ever tasted. *Blog post to follow on my top three coffee shop finds through London, seeing as though I’ve become an absolute Artisan coffee shop snob!
Beautifully capturing Mum’s first sips!
I’ve also been taking time to read recipe books and actually follow recipes rather than just concocting meals from whatever I have in my fridge. So, from Madeline Shaw’s ‘Ready Steady, Glow’ cookbook I made Chicken Kebabs with Cashew Satay…
Ok, mine wasn’t kebabs but it still tasted wonderful!!
My boyfriend and I had no idea what to cook last Friday, and were so tired to the point that we didn’t actually want to ‘cook’. We ended up making Gluten Free pizzas on a new GF base I found in Wholefoods, and added whatever toppings we fancied.. (Recipe to follow). May I just add that my boyfriend isn’t gluten free, however when we cook together, he always joins in with my gluten free eating, and everytime he says how great and light he feels after. You should try it, you don’t have to have intolerances to choose gluten free, light and healthier options!! 

And to finish with something sweet, yet guilt free (ish).. I made Madeline Shaw’s Banana Cinnamon Bread.
I understand it looks like I have spent the whole week eating, however, all have been full of goodness and I’ve shared recipes and meals with my favourite people.
It’s hump day, and I gotta put it out there, I’m feeling ‘So Far So Good’.
Sopha x

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